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---- list of jobs encouraging URMs to apply.
Cornell University, Society for the Humanities
  1. new posting[POSTDOCROMS] Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Romance Studies, AY 2022-2024 (posted 2021/08/13)   ezApply
University of Oregon, Department of English
  1. new posting[IES] Assistant Professor (posted 2021/08/12)   Apply
ICTP, Trieste, HECAP
  1. new posting[ICTPATLAS] ATLAS Postdoc ICTP HECAP (posted 2021/08/11)   Apply
1494 0
Stanford University, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
  1. new posting[FACULTY] Faculty Position (posted 2021/08/15, updated 2021/08/09)   Apply
Duke University, Evolutionary Anthropology
  1. new posting[TUNG_RS_1] Research Scientist (accepting applications, posted 2021/08/08, updated 2021/08/09)   Apply
New York University, Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics
  1. new posting[JAPD2] James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship - Focus on Unifying Connections (posted 2021/08/09)   Apply
  2. new posting[JAPD1] James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship - Focus on High Energy Theory (posted 2021/08/09)   Apply
Cornell University, Computational Biology
  1. [ORPROF] Cornell Computational Neuroscience (posted 2021/08/09, updated 2021/08/05)   Apply
Radix Trading LLC, Research
  1. [QR1] Quantitative Researcher - Chicago (posted 2020/08/21, updated 2021/08/04)   Apply
  2. [QR2] Quantitative Researcher - Amsterdam (posted 2020/08/24, updated 2021/08/04)   Apply
Cornell University, Sociology
  1. [APS] Assistant/Associate Professor of Sociology (posted 2021/08/04)   Apply
82 0
University of Oregon, Department of Psychology
  1. [APPD] Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Psychology - Diversity Science (accepting applications, posted 2021/08/09, updated 2021/08/03)   Apply
  2. [APDP] Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology (accepting applications, posted 2021/08/09, updated 2021/08/03)   Apply
Cornell University, Society for the Humanities
  1. [POSTDOCANTHR] Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology, AY 2022-2024 (accepting applications, posted 2021/07/30)   ezApply
1191 0
Ohio State University, Microbiology
  1. [AP] Assistant Professor (posted 2021/07/27)   Apply
173 0
Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  1. [BAP] Biochemistry Assistant Professor (posted 2021/07/27)   Apply
University of Oregon, Anthropology
  1. [APA] Assistant Professor of Anthropology (posted 2021/07/26)   Apply
Ohio State University, Geography
  1. [SMAP] Synoptic Meteorology Assistant Professor (posted 2021/07/26)   Apply
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Physics
  1. [GSR] PhD Students Openings (posted 2021/07/22)   Apply
Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences
  1. [SSFPD] Stanford Science Fellows (posted 2021/08/01, updated 2021/07/21)   Apply
740 0
Wesleyan University, Computer Science
  1. [AP2021] Assistant Professor of Computer Science (posted 2021/07/28, updated 2021/07/21)   Apply
Duke University, Franklin Humanities Institute
  1. [POSTDOC_DIASPORA] Postdoctoral Fellowship, Black/African Diasporic Performance (posted 2021/07/20)   Apply
  2. [POSTDOC_ENV_HUM] Postdoctoral Fellowship, Asian/Comparative Environmental Humanities (posted 2021/07/20)   Apply
Cornell University, New York Sea Grant
  1. [OUTREACHCOORDINATORSTONYBROOK] Sustainable and Resilient Community Extension Educator (New York Sea Grant); Stony Brook, New York (posted 2021/07/16)   Apply
  2. [OUTREACHCOORDINATORELMSFORD] Sustainable and Resilient Community Extension Educator (New York Sea Grant); Elmsford, New York (posted 2021/07/16)   Apply
  3. [OUTREACHCOORDINATOREASTMEADOW] Sustainable and Resilient Community Extension Educator (New York Sea Grant); East Meadow, New York (posted 2021/07/16)   Apply
481 0
Cornell University, Operations Research and Information Engineering
  1. [ORIETECH] Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Cornell University – Cornell Tech campus (posted 2021/07/20, updated 2021/07/16)   Apply
1577 0
Harvey Mudd College, Physics
  1. [TTPHYS2022] Assistant Professor of Physics (Tenure-Track) (posted 2021/07/30, updated 2021/07/15)   Apply
Lehigh University, Business Communication
  1. [POP] Director, Philip Rauch Center for Business Communication and Professor of Practice in Business (posted 2021/07/16, updated 2021/07/15)   Apply
3636 0
University of Tokyo, Tokyo College
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Fellow (Project Researcher) (posted 2021/07/19, updated 2021/07/14)   Apply
Stanford University, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
  1. [APRLC] Assistant Professor of Russian Literature and Culture (posted 2021/07/09)   Apply
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Global Languages
  1. [GERLEC_AY22] Lecturer in German (posted 2021/07/09)   ezApply
Duke University, School of Law
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor Program (posted 2021/07/08)   Apply
460 0
Cornell University, LASSP/Physics
  1. [BKWDOC] LASSP Bethe/Wilkins/KIC Theory Postdoc (posted 2021/07/02)   Apply
Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
  1. [PDNINA] Postdoctoral Associate (posted 2021/07/02)   Apply
Duke University Medical Center, Radiation Oncology/Medical Physics Division
  1. [MPFRF] Assistant Professor (posted 2021/07/01)   Apply
4183 0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IAIFI
  1. [FELLOW] IAIFI Fellow (posted 2021/06/28, updated 2021/07/01)   Apply
Boston University, School of Public Health
  1. [SRDSEARCH] Multiple Full-time Open Rank Faculty Positions (posted 2021/06/30)   Apply
Macalester College, Biology
  1. [NEUROTT] TT Neurobiology Assistant Professor, Biology (posted 2021/07/01, updated 2021/06/25)   Apply
Macalester College, Geology
  1. [APG] Assistant Professor of Geology (posted 2021/06/24)   Apply

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