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Stanford University
  1. [IDEALFELLOWS] IDEAL Provostial Fellows for Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University (2021/10/01 11:59PM*)   Apply
Stanford University, Anthropology
  1. [ANTHARCH] Assistant Professor, Anthropology/Archaeology (2021/09/20 11:59PM)   Apply
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Stanford University, Art & Art History
  1. [DOCFILM] Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Documentary Film & Video Production (2021/10/01 11:59PM*)   Apply
Stanford University, Biochemistry
  1. [FAC] Assistant or Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Stanford University, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
  1. new posting[ADR] Associate Director of Research, Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative (EPLI) (2021/10/04 11:59PM)
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Stanford University, Department of Biology
  1. [AP] Assistant Professor (2021/10/31 11:59PM*)   Apply
Stanford University, Department of Philosophy
  1. [PHILSCI] Senior Rank Philosopher of Physics (2021/10/31 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Department of Psychology
  1. [FAC] Stanford Cognitive/Developmental Faculty Position Available (accepting applications)   Apply
Stanford University, Department of Statistics
  1. [PROFTEACH] Associate or Full Professor (Teaching) in Data Science   Apply
  2. [STEINFELLOW] Stein Fellow in Statistics or Probability (2021/12/10 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
  1. [APRLC] Assistant Professor of Russian Literature and Culture (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Earth System Science
  1. [FUSEPOSTDOC] Post-doctoral Position in Water Management at Stanford University   Apply
Stanford University, Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM)
  1. [PD] 2022 GLAM Postdoctoral Fellowships (2021/10/29 11:59PM)
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Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
  1. [ACCT21] Faculty Positions in Accounting (2021/11/15 11:59PM)
  2. [FACULTY] Faculty Positions in Finance (2021/11/15 11:59PM)
  3. [OB202122] Faculty Positions in Organizational Behavior
  4. [OIT202122] Faculty Positions in Operations, Information and Technology
  5. [PE202122] Faculty Positions in Political Economy (2021/11/30 11:59PM)
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Stanford University, Hoover Institution
  1. new posting[HF2] Hoover Fellow (2021/12/11 11:59PM)   Apply
  2. new posting[NAT] Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow (2021/12/11 11:59PM)   Apply
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Stanford University, Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
  1. new posting[CMB] Postdoctoral Position at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  2. [EXOPLANET] Postdoctoral Research Position in Exoplanet Imaging and Adaptive Optics (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  3. [FELLOWS] Postdoctoral Fellows at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  4. [ISM] Postdoctoral Research Position in Galactic Magnetism and Interstellar Medium Science (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  5. new posting[MIT] Stanford - MIT Postdoctoral Positions in X-ray Astrophysics and Instrumentation (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  6. [PD] Postdoc Position in Observational Cosmology (accepting applications, deadline 2021/09/01 11:59PM)   Apply
  7. [UCSC] Stanford Santa Cruz Fellowship (2021/11/01 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Linguistics
  1. [SOCIO] Professor, Sociolinguistics (Open Rank) (2021/10/31 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Physics Dept.
  1. [POSTDOCTORAL] Postdoctoral Scholar Position in the Stanford University ATLAS group   Apply
  2. [TCM] Stanford-Phys-Theoretical Condensed Matter (2021/12/01 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Polarization and Social Change Lab
  1. [PC] Program Coordinator, Stanford PACS (deadline 2021/09/01 11:59PM)
Stanford University, Political Science
  1. new posting[POLISCIPSY] Assistant/Associate/Professor Public Impact Professor in the Social Sciences (Political Science or Psychology) (2021/10/15 11:59PM)   Apply
  2. [TENLINEIRCP] Assistant/Associate/Professor of Political Science (2021/10/15 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Q-FARM
  1. [POSTDOC] Bloch Fellowship in Quantum Science and Engineering (2021/11/05 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences
  1. [SSFPD] Stanford Science Fellows (2021/10/15 11:59PM*)   Apply
Stanford University, SLAC HEP Theory Group
  1. [RA1] HEP Theory Research Associate (2021/12/01 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
  1. [POSTDOC22] Postdoctoral Fellow (2021/11/15 11:59PM)   Apply
Stanford University, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics (Condensed Matter Theory)
  1. new posting[POSTDOC22] Gordon and Betty Moore Postdoctoral Fellows in Condensed Matter Theory at the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics (SITP)   Apply
Stanford University, The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
  1. [RAP] Assistant Professor (Research) (2021/11/15 11:59PM)
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Stanford University, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
  1. [FACULTY] Faculty Position (2021/10/08 11:59PM)   Apply

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